niedziela, 6 czerwca 2010

Mattley s14 Again ?

Yooo, blablabla xD I already get zenki from fm3, im happy..(big thanks to tom2 here)
I want continue Matt Powers s14 project xD Work VSXX rim's already done ^_^
Doing Pj for s14 from my XRT one

Dont worry about the rims and F bumper, Front bumper its for old Version - Vertex one..
And rims will be other :)

Well As you see, dash dont looks so far. It's not finished :)
You can see my new steering wheel - Sparco 215, Dildo Shiftgear and CNC Handbrake

I Already end Matt skin for LFS

See ya!

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Muharem pisze...

this car is it for lfs?