poniedziałek, 2 sierpnia 2010

Nissan Silvia s13 Old school

I havent internet for some days,
and i made a Special s13 :)
Simple as f*ck, but i worried for special addons
like sticker "I Love Bubblegum"
I made Volk Meshes for mah s13

Orbit Gums For me, lol :E

Thats only s13 where u can see clean lights,
i did it in High quality :) i think lawl..

Thanks To Tom2 For Permission.
D-Max Roof Spoiler, and trunk spoiler :) See ya!

2 komentarze:

andrixsas pisze...

Can i pleasse get your s13? my email andrixsas@gmail.com or andrixsas@micro.lt

asyraf_hamim pisze...

can give me the car??my email=asyraf_hamim@yahoo.com