wtorek, 1 czerwca 2010

VW Mk1 Cabrio "Galus"

Long time huh? but u dont miss me anyway..
So..I Know GTI Racing loong time..
and i dont saw any mk1 cabrio to gta sa, so i want to do it :)
The project come easly, cuz i know propably the best cabrio from Vwzone.pl..
I got big gallery of this cabrio, so i dont see any problems to do 3d model.
Is not finished, so pic's from game later.
What I do? Almost whole car xD
- Roof
- Modeled new Bumpers from 0
- Lights
- Rim's
- plates pic, taked from my dad Mercedes xD
- Sexy Rabbits Injection logo's
- New Exhaust stuff
- Convert from GTI Racing
For now it's, but i want to do G60 for this baby :)

G60 motor 85% Complete

And pics from game:

That's All :P I dont working on this cabrio anymore. I start working on VW Caribe
See ya!

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